Locations around town sell ready-to-pick pumpkins during fall season

Locations around town sell ready-to-pick pumpkins during fall season

Jessica Campbell | IDS POSTED AT 11:43 PM ON Oct. 8, 2012

There’s no need to camp out in a pumpkin patch tonight to wait for The Great Pumpkin.
With fall arriving, Bloomington’s orchards and pumpkin patches are filling with pumpkins and gourds, ready for this year’s pie-making and jack-o-lantern carving.
Ready-to-pick pumpkins are being sold throughout Bloomington at grocery stores, churches and local orchards.
Whether they are for eating, carving or decorating, pumpkins for every occasion can be purchased around town. Here’s a few locations you can check out.


Bloomingfoods is selling basic orange pumpkins at all four branches.
Jerome Gust, manager of the east store, 3220 E. Third St., said the pumpkins sold at Bloomingfoods are provided by a few sources, such as Bean Blossom County and farms near LaPorte, Ind.
“We had to look for other places than our typical suppliers because of the drought,” he said. “We try to have large variety for sale, from small jack-o-lanterns, white, miniatures and regular orange pumpkins.”
Gust said the store sells, on average, 1,200 pumpkins a year with the traditional orange pumpkin being the most popular and fastest selling.
Bloomingfoods’ pumpkin prices range from $4.99 to $7.99 depending on the size.
IU sophomore Rachel Johansen said last year she went with her roommates to Bloomingfoods to buy pumpkins.
“They were cooking-specified pumpkins, but we were still able to carve them,” she said. “I want to go to a larger orchard this year.”

Oliver Winery

Oliver Winery, 8024 N. State Road 37, has the largest selection of the most varied fall-related vegetables for the holiday season.
Many types of pumpkins can be found, including regular orange pumpkins, squash, butternut squash, white pumpkins and miniature ones, called Jack-be-Littles.
According to the Oliver Winery website, any pumpkin or fall-related vegetable can be found at its vineyard, Creekbend.
Gourds, squash and home grown wine are on sale with prices ranging from 25 cents to $2.50, with large pumpkins being sold for 50 cents per pound.
Though the traditional orange pumpkin is the best for carving according to the website, the winery offers an ornamental selection for some added fall flare.
Baby-Boo white pumpkins, Autumn Wings, any-sized gourds and acorn squash can be found at the vineyard.
There are also goblin eggs, Daisy gourds and baby bears.
Oliver Winery provides a slideshow of each type of vegetable on its Facebook page.

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

Are you in a giving mood this holiday season?
The Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, 2700 E. Rogers Road, is helping fundraise for a community in New Mexico by importing and selling their homegrown pumpkins.
From this Saturday to Oct. 31, the Sherwood Oaks Church will open its seasonal pumpkin patch for the community.
The patch is open from noon to dusk Sunday to Friday and 10 a.m. to dusk on Saturday.
The proceeds from all pumpkin sales will help the rebuilding of houses in New Mexico towns.
Scott Newland, a minister for Sherwood Church, said this is the seventh year of selling pumpkins at the Church.
“We are getting about 2,000 pumpkins arriving this Saturday,” he said. “The sale is pretty successful every year.”
The New Mexican pumpkins will be sold based on the size of the bodies.
Prices will start at 50 cents and go to $16, he said.