Shelter seeks donations, pet adoptions

Lend a paw to those who need it this holiday season.

The City of Bloomington Animal Shelter is launching its annual holiday campaigns to help animals currently residing in the shelter during the holidays.

Laurie Ringquist is the director of Animal Care and Control of the City of Bloomington and head of the shelter’s promotions.

“There is no set time for animals in the shelters,” she said. “If they pass our health tests, we keep them as long as it takes to find a home.”

The shelter is organizing several ways to help get the animals out of kennels and into homes.

Ringquist said the shelter tries to move animals in and out faster during the holiday season.

“People are home and students are home for break,” she said. “People have time to care for the new pet.”

The shelter at 3410 S. Walnut St. requests donations for items to make the wait of adoption more comfortable to the animals.

The shelter is looking for toys, treats, bedding and food for cats and dogs.

Other desired items include crates, doghouses, cat litter and monetary donations.
The most needed items include toys and treats because they cannot be purchased with the animal shelter’s budget.

“It helps them have something to do as they wait in the kennels,” Ringquist said.

The shelter runs a food pantry for the community, providing dry dog and cat food.

“It is nice for the community who has financial insecurity and needs help feeding their animals,” Ringquist said.

In addition to accepting donations, the shelter will have its Home for the Holidays Adopt-a-Thon weekend from Dec. 16-18.

With the pick of amounts from Santa’s hat, adopters to be will draw the reduced price of their chosen animal.

Once again, the shelter and B97 Radio are promoting the “12 Strays of Christmas” featuring an adoptable dog and cat on the air every day from Dec. 8-23.

“The radio station is a great supporter and partner for the shelter,” Ringquist said. “It goes on for two weeks, every day and reaches the widest audience.”

The shelter has partnered with B97 Radio for the last couple of years. They also provide pictures of the sheltered animals on its Facebook page, she said.

During the year, the shelter has the highest intake of stray and unwanted animals during the summer, but the shelters are still crowded during the holidays.

Danielle Martin, a junior, took advantage of the cat breeding months, when she said she decided to buy her new pet in early August.

“I picked the shelter because I have never bought a pet, only adopted,” she said. “I wanted to so something good for the shelter and community.”


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